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Arduino drive the IIC LCD

RSCG12864B01 is a I2C interface, drawing liquid crystal display module, using a new integrated design, built-in Chinese GB2312 font and 5 * 7/8 * 16ASCII, UI picture storage. The module not only sets the contrast adjustment knob, the backlight brightness can be controlled by software. For Arduino beginners, do not have to worry about the complicated and complicated LCD driver circuit connection, this LCD module really simplifies the circuit, directly to the module into the Arduino switchboard IIC device interface can be through the 5P sensor Cable connection, after Arduino controller programming, you can easily achieve the identification of slogans, sensor data records show.


      As Arduino lovers and users, you often encounter the following problems: control port is limited, insert a few digital modules, plus a few sensor modules, the port is running out, want to take a liquid crystal display sensor readings can not be achieved, because Interface reasons for Arduino Mega2560 controller also extra cost, in the heart could not bear, then how to do? Now the problem can be solved easily, our latest development of RSCG12864B01 LCD module can solve the above problems, IIC (I2C) only two lines can be achieved data communication, you can also hang other IIC (I2C) device.

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