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Shen Zhen Raylid electronics Co.,Ltd. was established in 2006, is a professional LCD module (LCM)of the development, design, production and sales of high-tech nterprises. The company has COB, SMT, COG,TAB and other production processes, can produce standard and custom dot matrix, dot matrix characters,field type LCD modules. Perfect quality, rapid response, competitive prices, is long Raylid corporate image and future pursuit of sustainable development.

Raylid has a professional design company, management team, perfect quality control system and experienced staff,and the courage to open up its innovative culture. In 2009 Raylid, the industry's first company to develop multiple MCU Interface TFT LCD module, TFT color LCD module to become extremely easy to use, by domestic and foreign customers welcome. Ruied products are widely used in medical, military, power, communications, financial terminals, lottery machines, aerospace, marine, intelligent instruments, network /information security, mapping, testing, industrial process control, laboratory, intelligent transportation,metallurgy,oil industry , mining, machine equipment and other demanding industrial automation and control.

"Professional, innovation, speed, integrity, quality, service" is our advantage, "Science and technology roots,honesty, sustainability, depending on the quality of life, customer as God, for the customers and the community to create the maximum benefit. "To our business philosophy remains unchanged.




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